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Hardscape, or the non-plant elements such as walls, walks and patios, play a principle role in the architecture of a landscape design. When well scaled and thoughtfully planned, hardscape blends seamlessly within the landscape to compliment a property. In residential landscape design, hardscape adds form and function to improve aesthetics and enhance the overall appearance, use and enjoyment of a property. Good design and execution is transformative and adds considerable value. Likewise, when a project is out of scale or disharmonious to a property because the design or material choices are ill-suited to the site the result is disappointing for no less expense. Hardscape installation budgets depend on scope of work and material choices but it is important to account for the proportionate return on the investment in value-add to the property as much as the day to day enjoyment.

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CHAMPOUX LANDSCAPE has been active in new construction, residential development and commercial work on Nantucket for 30 years. We have honed our skills and built a portfolio of work that reflects our range of experience and proficiency. We can deliver the highest quality with cost and time efficiency built up over many years in the business. We take great pride in our design aesthetic and trade knowledge. We also lend our clients the advantage of our trade relationships and capital investments in equipment that ensure time and cost efficiency.

Being in business on Nantucket has provided us opportunities to work with some of the most respected landscape designers and architects in the country. The scope of some projects has required substantial site engineering and masonry. With these experiences we have steadily broadened our knowledge, refined our design standards and established our professionalism in the field.

Our experienced crew of stonemasons are proficient in dry stone, mortared and veneer construction techniques. We can consult with you on your options in the design stage and work with you to scale a project both aesthetically and fiscally.

The installation of hardscape is often a very technical and labor intensive part of a job. In new construction and renovation projects it often involves tight scheduling and coordination with other contractors. This is where our management resources, strong trade relationships and supplier sources make a critical difference in our ability to stay on schedule and on budget.

Your landscape and hardscape are a big investment. We love what we do and we want to bring our best to your project.

Call in the Champoux Landscape Family for all your landscaping needs at (508) 228-1374 or email at info@champouxlandscape.com