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Nantucket is like a magic word. It makes faces light up and kick starts conversations. You can almost see the thought bubbles as people picture themselves on island. It’s a short list of places that have such allure. And among them, Nantucket stands apart because you can make it your own.


Since 1978, we’ve been helping families make the most of their Nantucket experience with custom designs and year-round care. We create the beautiful outdoor spaces that Nantucket is known for.

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We’re connected to every Nantucket experience, from family estates to commercial properties to public lands. We develop the unique character of location with an emphasis on the natural beauty that defines the island.


Every project is a collaboration. We partner with our clients, and their architects, to ensure that the grounds, pathways, and structures flow together seamlessly. Our process is centers on listening. Working together, we determine the best approach given Nantucket’s unique climate, soil conditions, and building codes.


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Bringing a client’s vision to life is what we live for. Our team has deep experience with complex installations, including staircases, fire pits, pools, hot tubs, and terraced stonework.


Just as importantly, we have decades-long relationships with stone yards, nurseries, and shipping companies. Our reliable network of suppliers means we can secure materials and avoid construction delays. Likewise, we know the Nantucket permitting process inside out so our projects move smoothly.



A landscaped property is a long-term investment that enhances the value of a property. When well cared for, the return on investment can increase greatly over time. The opposite is also true. A garden can be easily damaged by inexperienced labor or compromised by neglect – resulting in substantial recovery costs. We support property owners year-round with maintenance plans tailored to their requirements. Its more than simple upkeep; its a commitment to the health and value of your space.  




During the 40+ years that our family has lived on Nantucket, weve seen a lot of growth and change. While we love progress, we also believe deeply in the need to protect the islands dunes, marshlands, moors and woodlands. Thats why we are proud supporters of Nantucket Conservation Commission, Nantucket Conservation Foundation, Nantucket Land Bank, and many others.


Why do we do it? Because stewardship is baked into our business. But more than that, we believe Nantuckets environmental heritage is just as important as our cultural history. 



As Nantuckets oldest, family-owned and operated landscaping business, we bring unsurpassed expertise to every job. The quality of our work has led to many long-term relationships. And when a property is sold, were often asked to stay on to care for the grounds.


Our crew is the best you could ask for. Many have been with us for years, building a unique knowledge of the islands microclimates in addition to their formidable skills as landscapers.

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Our leadership looks after Nantucket in larger ways too. Dave serves as Nantucket’s Tree Warden overseeing the island’s heritage tree program. Bridget Montgomery (Dave’s daughter) cares for the beautiful plantings that adorn the Straight Wharf. Her work shapes the first impressions of hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

We’ve been at this for a long time. Every season and every job is different, but our love for the work remains the same. We’re here for you. Please call on us anytime.


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